Okhai Memon Anjuman is one of its kind NGO which is working for the benefit of the community. It flourished under the administration of its Founder-Late Chairman Mr. Hussain Ibrahim Jamal, and late Mr. Lateef Jamal, now Mr. Aziz Jamal has begining remarkably.

The special person’s wing under the praise worthy. All the disabled person’s who are mentally or physically disabled, deaf, blind, dumb children and students are provided with complete medical facility and proper education aid so that they can also make a positive contribution to the society.

The special persons wing does not only provide the disabled people with different facilities but also makes them a positive contributors to the society. This wing has been created for ten years now and is registered with approximately 300 people and in them are some who are provided with complete financial aid.

The basic reasons for the establishment of special persons wing in to basically encourage disabled person’s specially children so that they can adapt appropriately in the present world make them so much compitetent enough to face the challenges of the world. In future this wing plans to make their own institution. This wing is working with a limited budget for the disabled people of the community.

Here we would like to request you all able and respectable people of the society to donate generously for this noble cause with the blessings of  Allah S.W.T here we are very proud to say that this is the only platform of OKHAI MEMON ANJUMAN that is serving the community and humanity.

Last but not the least here I would like to ask all the community to help establish the physically & mentally disabled people so that they can also make a positive participation in the society.


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