The Okhai Memon Anjuman is an unique institute in social work and is endeavoring since last 64 years. It has done pioneering and pivotal work in the field of Housing, Education and Medical aid etc. On the top of this the great hallmark of the Anjuman has been housing and rehabilitation of the needy community members.

The most significant contribution of the Anjuman in the sustained manner is towards Monthly cash rationing aid, Marriage aid, Sewing machine aid, Medical aid, Housing aid, I.T. Education grant for deserving students and internet free Business Loans Scheme, on very easy installments for small entrepreneur.

Above all rehabilitation of the Special persons-disabled, handicapped has been well emphasized through physical training, exercise and admission of mentally deranged persons in reputed Institutions, providing various aid equipments and tools whenever necessary, the entire expenses of which are being borne by the Anjuman, so that they become normal citizens and contribute to society. All these effort are voluntarily managed by members of the Girls Wing.

Under the Girls Wing number of social functions were held particularly Free Art / Craft classes, Meena Bazar etc.

In this regard, it is visualized by the Anjuman to establish its own independent and separate Institute in near future for special persons with the cooperation and assistance of the community members and philanthropist.

Members of the community will continue to donate generously on the eve of the coming Holy Month of Ramzan so that Anjuman may carry forward its social work with greater zeal and vigour for the betterment of poor and needy persons of the community and rehabilitation of special persons and handicapped.


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